The Corporate Governance & Board Leadership Masterclass is focused on publicly traded and private companies, the core responsibilities, issues and dilemmas that the Board of Directors of large corporations are faced with. The purpose of the Masterclass is to bring the frontier of corporate governance and board leadership practices to chairs, directors and C-suite executives, thereby enhancing these practices and value creation in an ever-changing business landscape.

The Board Leadership Masterclass is developed in close collaboration with leading chairs and key players from the top of the Indian corporate world. The curriculum is built around 17 challenging situations facing the chairman and the board, presented in case stories based on real life events.

Why You Should Attend?

  • The current state and direction of global best practices in corporate governance
  • Implementing and embedding best practices within your organisation /institution
  • How to structure board committees, institutional policies and procedures to conform to international requirements and expectations
  • How to communicate governance procedures to outside stakeholders including shareholders, governments and communities
  • Implementing governance directives within the management of the institution
  • Analysing the governance of other institutions
  • Governance as a competitive edge
  • Identifying and maximising the financial benefit from improved corporate governance and procedures

Who Should Attend?

  • Chairman
  • Non-Executive Directors / Executive Directors
  • Family Business Owners
  • Founders of Start-ups
  • CEO / COO
  • Director / Managing Directors
  • Chief Internal Auditor
  • Chief Risk Officer
  • Head of Compliance
  • Head of Finance / CFO
  • Head of Fraud & Inspection
  • Legal Head /Director
  • HR Directors
  • Secretary to Boards
  • Company Secretaries
  • Audit Committee Chairs & Members
  • Regulators
  • Corporate Governance Professionals



1.    The changing external context:   

  • Shifting power balance among the US, Europe, China and the Middle East.
  • Approvals of acquisitions and strategy issues like those of Facebook and Amazon.  
  • Adaptation to digitization.

  2.    Decisions only the board must make:  

  • What high-quality decision-making looks like 
  • The three main forms of decision-making delegation

- The role of committees 

- Delegating to the management team

- Subsidiaries and Special Purpose Vehicles 

Boards can take help from anyone, but they only should finally make them, and they should be accountable for them.  

3.    Directors to be on the cutting edge of relevant information and knowledge.  Need for independent information.   

  • Director Effectiveness as a key feature of board effectiveness 
  • Director selection 
  • Director competencies – getting the best team into place 
  • Director attributes – knowledge, skills, experience, independence and diversity 
  • Director induction, development and succession planning 
  • Identifying danger signals 
  • Director remuneration rules and disclosure 
  • Staying current and vital 

4.    Board and management partnership and board independence at the same time. 
5.    Helping the CEO perform better.  Balancing short-term and long-term.   
6.    Detecting signs of CEO failure. Ford 2015.   
7.    Why boards fail?  

  • Board roles and relationships 
  • Tone from the top 
  • Culture, values and behaviours 
  • Ethical leadership 
  • Case Discussion:- Ford 2000-2007, GE, Wells Fargo. 

8.    Board’s future composition and board leadership. 

  • Nine trends that could change the face of boards by 2030 
  • Gender-diversity gains spread through market 
  • Fresher boards 
  • Skills 
  • Industry specialists 
  • Smaller boards 
  • Institutional shareholders 
  • Reduction in board meetings could drive composition change 
  • Board internationalisation 
  • Robo directors 

9 . Management vitality and succession planning.   
10. Beyond compliance. Reorganizing the work of the board. Time allocation.  Board evaluation tools.  



Dr. Ram Charan

Global Adviser to CEOs & Corporate Boards, Bestselling Author

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